Cisco Academy

Логотип сетевой академии Cisco

In 1999, the first Cisco Regional Networking Academy in North-West Russia was opened on the basis of our department.

The Cisco Networking Academy program offers a solution that can bridge the gap between
fundamental knowledge and practical skills required in the workplace. Using Cisco training materials, educational institutions prepare
specialists in the theory and practice of designing information and communication networks on the basis of universally recognized international standards. That way,
Students gain up-to-date knowledge and skills to lead the implementation of innovative solutions in their companies. Cisco Network Academy Program
offers a range of courses for students with different levels of training, from beginners (CCNA, CCNA Security) to professionals (CCNP).

The status of the Regional Network Academy was given only to those Academies that had the best level of instructor qualifications and had
equipment necessary for preparation of all necessary levels of training (CCNA, CCNP). Regional academies played a supervisory role
The activities of other academies in the region, including training of trainers, assistance in the use of new equipment, and various
Olympiads. The leading role of RAMI’s IBTS department in the implementation of Cisco programs not only in St. Petersburg State University of Technology, but also in the entire North-Western region allowed for a significantly extend to which this direction can be developed.

The existence of only two RAMI under whose auspices all other academies of the North-West region were established and operated allowed to concentrate
qualified personnel, be the first to introduce new courses of the Academy, master modern equipment and provide management functions within the framework of
Cisco network academy programs.

The programs of the network academy were integrated into the educational process of department. General management of the Regional Academy was carried out by the head of department of
V.P. Prosikhin, A.V. Krasov provided organizational and technical issues, and the Academy was managed (at different times) by the assistant professor. D.V. KRASOV, head of the academy (at different times).
Kushnir, V.Kh. Kharitonov (head office), V.V. Knyazhitsky (employee of the firm V.P. Prosikhina). Classes at the Academy were conducted by certified instructors from among
employees and postgraduates of the department: V.A. Yakovlev, K.G. Morozov, V. Odintsov, K.Y. Ryadov, P. Ankudinov, D.I. Kirillov, etc.

Логотип сетевой академии Cisco
Оборудование сетевой академии
Выступление директора РСА Cisco В.В.Княжицкого перед студентами

Several thousand students have been trained during RAMI’s work, hundreds of whom have received international certificates that allow them to increase their competitive advantage and get a job in the IT field.

In 2012, in order to transform into a more open and universal model of the academy network, Cisco announced a new network structure
academies. Within the framework of these transformations, the Department of SCA has reorganized the network academy in order to meet the new standards of training specialists. In this regard, it was necessary to re-register the Academy of the Department to meet the new standards of education. Curating the Cisco Academy of the ZSS department was appointed to be in charge of the st. professor of the department I.A. Ushakov.

In the same year, the integration of Cisco Academy programs into the educational process began. In three areas of training of bachelors “Information security”,
“Service” and “Info-communication technologies and communication systems” were integrated in all four semesters of the CCNA course: “Introduction to network technologies”,
“Basics of routing and switching, Network scaling and Network connectivity. Thus, students taking these courses receive
the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to pass the Cisco International Certificate Examination at a discount of 58% if they wish.

In 2013, due to the highest achievements and invaluable contribution to the development of the Cisco Networking Academy program, Igor, Senior Lecturer of the SSS Department
Aleksandrovich Ushakov was recognized as a top-level instructor in 2013. This award is given to 25 percent of the best instructors in the world.

И.А.Ушаков: выступление на одном из семинаров

In October 2013, the department of ZSS directly with the participation of I.A. Ushakov re-registered the Cisco Academy “Lyceum at St. Petersburg State University of Technology”. As part of
work in this direction in the elective course of informatics for lyceum students of 10th and 11th grades was introduced four semesters of CCNA course. Thus, the most
outstanding and talented students were able to get the opportunity to get the cherished certificate before entering the university! Maxim Yakovlev was the first high school student, at the time of obtaining the CCNA certificate he was in the 10th grade! Thus, he became the first pupil of the North-Western region of the Russian Federation to receive
a certificate at such young age.

A year after the opening of the Cisco Academy “Lyceum at St. Petersburg State University of Technology”, the “IT Essentials” course was introduced in the structures of the 9th grade lyceum students’ training, which allowed
significantly expand not only your horizons and gain new relevant knowledge in the field of PC design, Windows structure, work with antivirus software, but
also take part in the All-Russian Cisco Olympiad for schoolchildren “Information Technologies”. In October 2014, students of the Lyceum at the
St. Petersburg State University of Technology (SPbGUT) took 1st (Maxim Yakovlev) and 3rd (Nikita Popov) prizes in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, which brought the lyceum to a qualitatively new level of training.

On June 17-18, the Cisco Academy of the Department of Secure Communications (ZSS) of St. Petersburg State University hosted the finals of the All-Russian Olympiad for students of middle and higher education
educational institutions. The contest was attended by 30 people from different regions of Russia. In particular, one person from each of the communication universities was represented
the participant from SibGUTI and MTUSI, as well as three participants from St. Petersburg State University of Technology.

The finals of the All-Russian Olympiad included the best of the best – the winners of the regional Olympiads of their universities, the winners of the Olympiads – IT-Planet,
WorldSkillsRussia, NetRiders. For the first time, a pupil of the Lyceum at St. Petersburg State University named after Prof. M.A. Bonch-Bruevich took part as an unofficially declared participant –
Maxim Yakovlev. During the performance of the task Maxim completed one third of the tasks, which confirms his high level of training.

The Cisco laboratories of the Secure Communication Systems Department were used as the material basis for the organization of the Olympiad, including
Cisco ISR 1941,ISR 2911 routers, Cisco 3560 switches and Cisco ASA 5520 firewalls were the core of the stand. All the devices were
are reserved, thus ensuring full fault tolerance of the topology being created. Each participant’s seat was equipped with a laptop,
Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch, Cisco ISR 2801 router, connecting cables. Equipment for participants was provided
partners in the Olympics.

Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга
Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга
Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга
Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга

As a task the students were offered to pass four key sections, including equipment setup, cable crimping, password reset,
configuration of dynamic routing protocols EIGRP, OSPFv3, work with STP protocol, work with DNS-server, configuration of IPv6 protocol,
Setting up the GRE tunnel, working with AnyConnect VPN, by which you can move towards the cherished goal – to call the cherished phone number in
in the middle of the hall. All the tasks were thought over based on the level of complexity of training a certified Cisco CCNA specialist.

The results of the Olympiad – three prizes were shared by representatives of TUSUR and TSU. The Olympiad was attended by three students from St. Petersburg State University
ZSS, as well as an 11th grade high school student. All the participants of our university performed with dignity, demonstrating an excellent level of training, costs separately
It should be noted that each student demonstrated the exact level of training he or she received during his or her studies at the Academy, without additional training.

The award ceremony was held on June 18, 2015 in the building of St. Petersburg State University of Technology. Bolshevikov 22. the award ceremony was attended by the Vice President of Cisco in the
Jonathan Sparrow, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Cisco, Russia and other CIS countries
Professor Sergey Viktorovich Bachevsky, Chief Globalization Officer, Wim Elfrink, rector of St. Petersburg State University of Technology.
Wim Elfrink together with the rector of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications presented memorable prizes to the participants and winners of the Olympics. Separately, the staff of the Department of Protected Persons was noted communication systems, successfully coped with the tasks set for the organization of the Olympiad. Representatives of Cisco also noted that this
The Olympiad is the best in terms of conduct and organization compared to similar events of the past years.

After the awarding ceremony, Wim Elfrink gave a lecture on “Comprehensive Internet” for students, masters and post-graduates in training areas “Information security”, “Service”, “Info-communication technologies and communication systems” profile “Secure systems and communication networks” and
of SUT professors.

Currently, more than 300 students pass through the network academy’s programs annually. The Training center of Trainers is actively working. Network academy programs are read both in Russian and in English for our foreign partners.