Network Olympiad

Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга

On June 17-18, 2013 on the basis of the Cisco Academy of the Department of Secure Communications (ZSS) of St. Petersburg State University of Technology, the final of the All-Russian Olympiad among students of secondary and higher educational institutions was held. The competition was attended by 30 people from different regions of Russia. In particular, one participant each from SibGUTI and MTUSI, as well as three participants from St. Petersburg State University of Telecomunications

The finals of the All-Russian Olympiad included the best of the best – the winners of regional Olympiads of their universities, the winners of Olympiads – IT-Planet, WorldSkillsRussia, NetRiders. For the first time, Maxim Yakovlev, being a student of the Lyceum at St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after Prof. M.A. Bonch-Bruevich, took part as an unofficially declared participant. In the course of the task Maxim completed one third of the tasks, which confirms his high level of preparation.

Cisco’s Secure Communications Department laboratories were used as the material base for the Olympiad, including Cisco ISR 1941,ISR 2911 routers, Cisco 3560 switches and Cisco ASA 5520 firewalls, which formed the core of the stand. All devices were reserved, so complete fault tolerance of the created topology was provided. Each participant’s seat was equipped with a laptop, a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch, a Cisco ISR 2801 router, and connecting cables. Equipment for the participants was provided by the partners of the Olympiad.

Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга Студенческая олимпиада и лекция Вима Элфринга

As a task the students were offered to pass four key sections, including setting up the equipment, cable crimping, resetting the password, setting up the protocols of dynamic routing EIGRP, OSPFv3, working with the protocol STP, working with the DNS-server, configuring the protocol IPv6, setting up the GRE-tunnel, working with AnyConnect VPN, which could make it possible to move towards the cherished goal – to call the cherished phone number in the center of the hall. All tasks have been thought over proceeding from level of complexity of preparation of the certificated expert Cisco CCNA.

The results of the Olympiad – three prizes were shared by representatives of TUSUR and TSU. The Olympiad was attended by three students from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and an 11th grade high school student. All the participants of our university performed with dignity, demonstrating an excellent level of training, it is worth noting that each student demonstrated exactly the level of training he received during his studies at the academy, without additional training.